Isner Insurance is Hiring:

An others-centered Customer Service Representative with a servant’s heart.

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Our agency is growing! In order to protect our neighbors’ future with genuine care better, we are excited to find an others-centered CSR to join our team.

This is where you come in. We are looking for a full-time (40 hours a week) all-star to helm the front lines of customer service. A small sampling of the type of work you’ll do is as follows:

  • Warmly communicate with clients
  • Prepare and deliver quotes
  • Cross-sell policies and coverage
  • Contribute to company culture growth
  • Enjoy team meals
  • Develop your craft

Yes, you read that right. Part of your job is to contribute to a thriving company culture. Since our mission is to protect our neighbors’ future with genuine care, we need each team member to throw all in on creating and sustaining a culture of selflessness, innovation, and excellence. Not only that, but a successful CSR will have opportunities for internal advancement with some flexibility in career path.

A bit about Isner Insurance 

Unfortunately, almost everyone has heard scary tales about insurance gone wrong. Lack of insurance education, outdated operating practices, uncaring “sales” personnel, incorrect coverage purchases, and underpaid/unpaid claims describe a few! These situations are too common in our world and can cause serious confusion and aggravation at best, and financial ruin at worst.

We at Isner Insurance are devoted to doing what is right and mitigating these unacceptable situations. Since 1972, this small, family-owned agency has sought to put others first and value relationships. We get to know our clients, understand their needs, and educate them so they can make informed decisions. We are not solely interested in transactions. We are primarily concerned with forming genuine relationships with our clients, which we believe is the best way to meet their coverage needs. In summary, we protect our neighbors’ future with genuine care. 

How you’ll work at Isner Insurance

We work really hard to make Isner Insurance a great place to work. It takes genuine care from each team member in supporting one another and serving our clients. Here’s a snapshot of how life at Isner Insurance will be for you:

Training: your success = our clients’ success = mission accomplished. That’s why we invest heavily in your training from the get-go. From mandatory training programs, to career development opportunities, we want to give you every chance to thrive in your role. If you thrive, our clients will have the best opportunity for a protected future.

Equipment/Tech: this job requires that you work in front of a computer, and we do our best to provide an awesome setup. Each CSR gets one of the best headsets on the market (Jabra Engage 75) and  dual-screen monitors so you can accomplish your work efficiently. Though this is our standard setup, we want to give you any other piece of equipment that might make you better at your job. It could be something small like a special pen, or something larger, like a third (or fourth) monitor! Serving others with genuine care is hard work, and we want to equip you to do so in the best way possible.

Furthermore, the insurance industry is rapidly evolving. To excel, we must actively pursue and embrace innovation, and Isner Insurance has been doing exactly that. While small, we continuously review tech to ensure the best possible experience for our team and clients. In the past two years, we’ve replaced our PL Rater, added a CL rater (Tarmika), moved from a physical server to the cloud, and much more. Frankly, this is just the beginning. As previously stated, we want to give you the best technology so you can excel.

Benefits: our purpose is to protect our neighbors’ future with genuine care. And that counts for our team, too.

  • Health Insurance & Accident Insurance – Your well being is important, and we want to contribute toward protecting it.
  • 401(k) – We took extra care to choose a 401(k) that offers up to a 4% employer match and low fees to help maximize your ability to save for retirement.
  • Paid Time Off – We believe everyone needs time away from work to recharge. That’s why we offer two weeks of PTO for our team members to enjoy.
  • Short-term Disability Insurance – We want to ease your burden when the bills won’t stop, even if you’re forced to.
  • Flex Time – We know life doesn’t always happen at a 9-5 pace, so we offer the freedom to plan your work routine with some flexibility.
  • Partial Remote Work (optional) –  You may thrive with changing scenery, want to save on gas money, need to stay home with the kids, or be present while the cable guy sets up your internet connection. Regardless of your changing needs, we provide you with the freedom to work from home up to two days/week.

Required Experience and Certifications

None. That’s right, none. The primary requirement to work at Isner Insurance is to be able to contribute in protecting our neighbor’s future with genuine care. You must be selfless.

If you would like to apply for this position:

  1. Click the link below for the official job description, read before applying
  2. Email your resume to
  3. Once you have emailed your resume, let Sam know you’ve applied by texting him at (614)362-1342
Customer Service Representative Job Description

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